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EMPRESS Business Coaching

Supporting Female Business Leaders to Fully Step into Their Power, Their Authentic Selves, and Reach Their Goals

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"Your business is an extension of you."

EMPRESS Coaching is
for you if...

  1. You're a driven, ambitious business leader who wants to take your business to the next level,

  2. You have competing life responsibilities and need 1-on-1 guidance to optimize your time and advance your goals,

  3. You need support building more structure into your business to maximize your time, energy, and ROI,

  4. You struggle with burnout and maintaining balance in your life,

  5. You're ready to step fully into your power and your authentic self, 

  6.  You're ready to invest time, money, and energy in YOU


EMPRESS Framework

Business leaders are invited to join me for a 10-week EMPRESS business coaching to support your leadership, business, and personal growth. This is an opportunity for you to receive one-on-one support specific to your business and personal goals because let’s face it - your business is an extension of who you are.

Leading a business can be overwhelming and can often feel isolating with endless decisions to be made, countless demands from others, and self-imposed pressures.

How often do you wish you could speak with someone who understands your business, your challenges, and your audience? Not only someone who listens but someone who can make effective recommendations, support you in creating processes, and produce marketing assets to advance your business growth.

This is for you!

In partnership with you, we will collaboratively evaluate your business, seize market opportunities, and map out a 10-week plan to grow your business and meet your goals.

Each week we will meet to discuss your business goals, discuss any challenges you want to address and work through your business growth strategy.

Outside of our weekly sessions, you will have access to a business expert (me!) through Voxer and email communication to stay connected and support the advancement of your goals.

My commitment to you is to create a space for us to build trust, spark inspiration, add beauty, and have some fun. I am also committed to showing up as a reliable, effective, and loyal expert fully in your corner and delivering quality work for you and your business.

Are you ready to fully embody the EMPRESS mindset? 

"My commitment to you is to create a space for us to build trust, spark inspiration, add beauty, and have some fun. I am also committed to showing up as a reliable, effective, and loyal expert fully in your corner and delivering quality work for you and your business."

EMPRESS is a business coaching framework designed for business leaders to embody their full authentic selves, build healthy habits, implement practical strategies, and reach goals to incrementally scale any business.



A business leader is grounded in an empowered mindset. Empowered leaders permit themselves to act on their ideas, raise their voices, make bold decisions with integrity, and take continuous action to execute a plan until the goal(s) is achieved. Additionally, empowered leaders create an environment where everyone can contribute toward innovative solutions to reach mutual aspirations.


Mentally agile business leaders practice a growth mindset. Agile business leaders value continuous learning and utilize their resources to maintain their competitive advantage in their industry through strategic investments in themselves and their businesses.


Performance-based leadership is a style of leadership that focuses on setting clear goals and expectations, measuring progress, and holding individuals and teams accountable for achieving results. Additionally, this type of leadership recognizes that higher performance is a byproduct of valuing people on their team. Performance-based leaders balance a people-centered approach by building strong relationships with their teams and creating a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration.


Resilient leaders are individuals who are able to navigate and overcome adversity, uncertainty, and change. They possess a mindset that values flexibility, adaptability, and perseverance and are able to bounce back from setbacks and failures. By modeling resilience, business leaders can create a culture of adaptability and innovation, and inspire their teams to overcome challenges and achieve success.


Energy management is managing one's physical, emotional, and mental energy to improve overall well-being, productivity, and performance. Becoming energy abundant is important for everyone, especially business leaders because energy is a finite resource that can become depleted over time, leading to fatigue, burnout, and decreased effectiveness. Outcomes of energy deficiency are overall bad for business.


Business leaders are an extension of their business. Sustainable Self Care is central to your business' sustainability and growth. Sustainable self-care is the practice of taking care of oneself in a way that promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being for the long term. For business leaders, self-care is important because it enables them to remain healthy, avoid the negative consequences of chronic stress, and enjoy a thriving personal and business life.


Successful leaders are individuals who are able to inspire and motivate others toward achieving a shared vision or goal. They possess a combination of technical, interpersonal, and strategic skills that allow them to effectively navigate complex challenges and opportunities.

The results you can expect from EMPRESS Coaching are...

  1. Improved Business Strategy & Performance: Reach the 10-week goal(s) we established at the beginning of the EMPRESS program

  2. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Executive leadership growth core to the EMPRESS program

  3. Business-Life Balance: Personal growth with an increase in energy, joy, and fulfillment.


"Samantha's coaching approach embodies a blend of compassion, intellect, and practicality. With attentive listening, visionary thinking, and unwavering support, she empowers you to seize opportunities and propel your business forward. Her patient and nurturing disposition makes her a remarkable problem solver, while the caliber of her work is truly invaluable and incomparable. She's the angel on your shoulder."

Dr. Maria E. Barrera,

CEO & Founder, Athena Acupuncture & Wellness Center

My Journey

As a Latina immigrant to the United States, I have passion, commitment, and drive in my DNA. I hold over 14 years of experience in strategy development and implementation while working with community-based organizations, elected officials, the labor movement, and have served in the California State Assembly as a legislative analyst. 

I have led legislative campaigns that resulted in budget augmentations of tens of millions of dollars. I have also historically partnered with multilingual, multiethnic communities of color to share their stories to advance public policy changes to advance worker, women, and immigrant rights in California.

I earned my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management. 


For over five years I have partnered with business owners, executives, and directors to ensure messaging and branding are integrated across the marketing funnel to optimize every aspect of the business.


My partners have yielded positive results in areas such as revenue growth, cost savings, and increased capacity for their organizations.


Through market research and data analysis, I aim to certify business success through continuous testing and iteration, process improvement, and problem-solving. I have implemented marketing strategies to drive growth for start-ups and strategic business transformations for seven different companies in the hydrogen technology, healthcare, wellness, wine, and public policy industries.


"The EMPRESS coaching program is dear to my heart and is grounded in my commitment to support women to thrive in business in our own authentic way. Women business leaders can be in their feminine power and succeed while having fun."

Your Investment

10-week EMPRESS Business Coaching



That's $225 per week!

Payment plans available

What you receive:

  • Ten 60-minute coaching video call sessions focused on growth goals for you and your business,

  • Daily access to your EMPRESS Coach via email and Voxer, 

  • Tailored 10-week strategic coaching plan to guide you towards achieving your goal(s) during this program,

  • Expert coaching support to tackle strategic business decisions,

  • Expert coaching support to implement/create materials or plans for your business

Meet Your Coach

Hello! I'm Samantha, your go-to expert, coach, and cheerleader

Do you love what the EMPRESS Business Coaching Program has to offer but still have questions?

Let's set up a time to get to know each other better with no obligation.

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