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About Us

Talented Growth Hacker Capable of Transforming Any Business


Samantha Contreras, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

I am the Chief Executive Officer of My Growth Marketer (MGM) and an enthusiastic growth hacker grounded in customer centricity, fast iteration, and a growth mindset based in Northern California. MGM is committed to architecting the most effective way to holistically drive your business awareness and revenue growth.


For over five years, I have partnered with business owners, executives, and directors to ensure messaging and branding are integrated across the marketing funnel to optimize every aspect of the business. Through market research and data analysis, I aim to certify business success through continuous testing and iteration, process improvement, and problem solving. I have implemented marketing strategies to drive growth for start-ups and strategic business transformations for seven different companies in the hydrogen technology, healthcare, wellness, wine, and public policy industries.

My partners have yielded positive results in areas such as revenue growth, cost savings, and increased capacity for their organizations.

I earned my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management where I concentrated in the areas of Marketing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.

I also hold over 14 years of experience in politics working with community-based organizations, elected officials, the labor movement and have served in the California State Assembly as a legislative analyst. I have led legislative campaigns and have historically partnered with multilingual, multiethnic communities of color to share their stories to advance public policy changes to advance worker, women, and immigrant rights in California.

Core Values


My Growth Marketer seeks to deliver high-quality work that is true to each unique brand of our businesses partners. To achieve excellence we are open to continuous improvement and honest feedback from my partners.

Mission Driven

My Growth Marketer is passionate about making a positive impact on this planet and aims to partner with companies whose mission and/or product(s) are aligned with this purpose.

Drive Impact

My Growth Marketer has a growth mindset with the willingness to set ambitious goals and do everything within our control to reach those goals.

Growth Mindset

My Growth Marketer seeks to learn, grow, and develop itself through continuous improvement. We achieve this through physical exercise, mindfulness practices, conversations, and flexing creative muscles.

Do Hard Things

My Growth Marketer strives to achieve challenging goals in the most effective, efficient, and inclusive way possible.


My Growth Marketer builds community through partnership, collaboration, and fun. We aim to have moments of quality time with daily interactions and intentional relationship building opportunities.

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Resourceful Problem Solver

"Samantha was instrumental in the development of my business and brand in the start-up phase. Her strong business acumen was instrumental in timely and efficient problem-solving to prevent delays in our launch. She is not only a resourceful strategic thinker with a unique creative mind, but an authentic leader who genuinely cares about her clients."

Alejandra V.

CEO, Cali Translations

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